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Telehouse 2000, East India Dock, London

Telehouse 2000 Lift GlassThis project was installed and is being maintained by us. The buildings were purpose built data storage & Internet hub, complete with administrative offices.

Due to the nature of the facility, the lifts had to be linked to the buildings' remote diagnostic system which includes all services in the buildings. We also had to use security card readers to replace the push buttons on the landings.



Telehouse 2000 Lift RamsTelehouse 2000 Lift RamsThe glass lift serves two floors and is driven by a single direct acting ram located under the lift car extending into a borehole. The surrounding area was then clad in specialist material to the client choice. This hid most of the lift workings and is easily removable during maintenance.

All the glass for the shaft and car were designed, manufactured and installed by us, assembled in our factory for acceptance by the client prior to the site installation.

Telehouse 2000 Lift DoorsThere are four other lifts installed on this project. These include two fire fighting lifts, fully compliant with BS5588, one heavy duty goods lift and a scissors lift.

The fire fighting lifts have a contract capacity of 10 persons / 800Kg. They are designed to include specialist intercom systems for the use by the fire brigade and all equipment is resistant to water.Telehouse 2000 Lift Shaft


The goods lift has a contract capacity to suit either 26 persons / 2000 Kg. The car is of a  full metal construction, which offers the most robust finishes for the lift's duty

 Telehouse 2000 Scissors Lift

The scissors lift is located in the external loading bay and is rated to carry 2000Kg.

Due to it's location, the materials used are weather resistant (galvanised) to reduce the possibility of corrosion.