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Elite Elevators Montage

The Royal Court Theatre

This project was installed and is being maintained by us. The contract involved the complete modernisation of this world renowned theatre. The only areas that remained as existing was the building front and the sloped auditorium Floor.

The lift shaft finish has a distressed appearance showing what seems to be unfinished brickwork. As a result the walls had to be sealed to keep the dust levels to a minimum.

This glass lift serves six levels and is driven by a single side acting hydraulic ram, with the car suspended on steel ropes. One of the levels served is a half floor on the rear side of the lift car.

The car is therefore fitted with two entrances and all associated equipment.

All the glass for the lift car and doors was designed, manufactured and installed by our Elite Manufacturing division. It was also assembled in our factory for inspection and acceptance by the client prior to site installation.


The doors were manufactured to a non-standard height to meet the specification, whilst maintaining full compliance with EN81 and the use of glass within lift installations.


As you can see there are a number of areas that are non-standard and design certification had to be obtained from a notified body, allowing us to apply the CE mark.

There is another lift installed in this project. It is designated as the back of house lift and is primarily use by staff and performers.

Due to the location of the lift, next to recording studios, it was essential that the noise level be kept to a minimum. This lift was designed including isolation to reduce the transfer of noise through the building fabric. 


There is also a scissors platform for disabled use. Due to it's location within the building the finishes of this platform are to a very high specification. This includes, Zeebrite decorative panels and handrails, with Jarrah wooden flooring.