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Hammersmith Hospital (Queen Charlotte's)


Hammersmith Queen Charlotte's Hospital BuildingThe Hammersmith Hospital trust was formed in April 1994. It is one of the largest trusts in the country. The Hospitals that make up the trust are the Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea & Acton.

The lifts installed were in the newly built wing of the hospital consisting of two bed passenger lifts complete with NHS Code Blue emergency service. This will basically allow immediate unrestricted use of the lift by hospital authorised personnel.

Hammersmith Queen Charlotte's Hospital LiftsQueen Charlotte's is also a training facility that together with the Hammersmith Hospital has won the highest ratings in all Research Assessment Exercises by the Higher Education Funding Council.

Queen Charlotte's is one of many hospital projects that Elite Elevators has undertaken in the past couple of years, including The Brighton Hospital, The Amersham Hospital, The Wycombe Hospital.

We are currently working on two large hospital sites which are Bromley Hospital and Kings College Hospital. These projects are due from completion during 2002.