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Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens BuildingThis project was installed and is being maintained by us. The buildings last tenant used it as an embassy until their lease expired.

The building is owned by The Crown Estate and this project was commissioned to return the building to its original and former glory. This included the installation of a swimming pool in the orangery, sauna and brick wine cellar.

This property has been marketed as the most expensive private residency in the UK, approximately £45,000,000.00Kensington Palace Gardens Lift

Our works included the refurbishment of the existing lift installation including a specially design lift car interior with a trompe l'oeil (painted giving an illusion of reality). 

The lift serves five floors in total from the basement to the third floor. Due to the existing shaft restraints, the landing doors are wooden hinged fitted with the associated landing equipment.

We also installed a food service lift that serves all floors from the basement kitchen to the main Banquet suite and three bedrooms. The lift car and entrances were manufactured in stainless steel to meet the hygiene standards.