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Marina Car Park, Jersey

Marina Car Park Lift Roof LevelThis project was installed and is being maintained by us. The car park is undercroft with flower gardens at the ground floor level.

As the upper entrance is open to the elements, particular attention was given to non-corrosive materials and sufficiently IP rated equipment.

The lift serves three floors and is driven by a single direct acting ram located under the lift car extending into a borehole.Marina Car Park Lift Glass Detail

All the glass for the shaft and lift car is laminated with a green tint. The car was designed, manufactured and installed by us, assembled in our factory for acceptance prior to site installation.

The lift is fitted with LCD full screen indicators that can be programmed to provide any message or advertisement required. They can also include company logos, real time clock, date, seasonal greetings, forthcoming events and any other special Marina Car Park Lift Floor Level requirements.

The upper half of the shaft (the glass section) has a fibre optic cabling loom mounted at the floor level. This provides an illuminated effect to the green tinted glass lift shaft.

At night this illuminated glass lift shaft in the marina has now become a landmark. At the lower floors the lift entrance is of a more conventional style.