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Elite Elevators Montage

Belgrave Square, London



This project is in a private residential property where the whole site was redeveloped to include a refurbished lift, swimming pool, Gymnasium and other enhanced services.

The lift equipment was upgraded where necessary including a smooth variable frequency lift controller and a new door operator and associated equipment. The doors were reused although some panels required alteration as the entrance height was to be reduced.


The major works on this project, as you can see from the pictures, were the finishes. The landing architraves were manufactured to a classical style in marble and the car was refurbished using book-match walnut. We also applied this book-match walnut finish to the door panels.


As a finishing touch we installed brass trims to the perimeter of the walnut door panels, a brass car front and push stations. The flooring was also manufactured from the same marble to match the architraves.