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Manufacturing - Parts Components

There are a number of parts/components that we manufacture for use on our installations as well as for other lift companies & suppliers. As a example of this equipment, you will find below the most commonly components manufactured.

The car top control unit is used by authorised personnel to control the lift & isolate the landing and car controls. The unit is manufactured to comply with current British / European Standards.

The halfway box is used to terminate the trailing flexes and connect to the control wiring. Its name came from the simple fact that it is normally mounted midpoint in the shaft. If can however be mounted in various locations.


There are all sorts of guarding required on lift installations. Some are standard sizes but other need to be custom built to suit an older or obsolete. 

We also manufacture tool boards to be mounted in the lift motor room complete with in-house engraved notices and labels of all sizes normally used. Our in-house computerised engraving cell can produce labels on a number of materials including the commonly used stainless steel sheets and multi-layer bonded laminate plastic.

We manufacture ladders in a number of styles to suit pit access, motor room access and plinth access. As lengths vary, we normally manufacture these ladders to suit each application.

If there is any equipment not shown above the chances are we do manufacture them so feel free to contact us.