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Manufacturing - Lift Components

We manufacture all of our fabricated lift equipment including cars, slings, brackets, architraves, doors, cars and landing push button stations, etc.

The style of lifts vary from council specification (robust and vandal resistant) to prestigious high rise and glass panoramic lifts.

We can manufacture any size sling to suit each project. Our slings are assembled in our factory prior to dispatch to site. This eliminates any wasted time in site allowing your programme to flow smoothly.

Lift Car


We also manufacture various styles of lift. These include anything you can imagine such as fully panelled stainless steel, Formica, mirrored, glass, marble, painted (sprayed or by artist), wood, etc. The possibilities are endless and only limited by cost or practicalities.


Lift Car DoorsAs with the cars above, the doors are manufactured to suit entrance size, shaft layout and from materials to suit the car and landing finishes. As with the cars, the doors can be finished in Lift Car Interior

any material but some materials may need to be applied to a sheet metal door after manufacture.

There are various sizes and styles of architrave we manufacture. These range from small trims to full depth and full front architraves. As with the doors these can be manufacture in most materials but due to the bending process some materials would need to be applied on site.


Lift Car Door DetailsWe also have tooling to suit the majority of standard push buttons in use within the lift trade. As a result we produce car/landing operating panels including the necessary CE mark and all engraving to comply with European standards.