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Design and Technology

CAD WorkstationWe carry out the design of all our lifts on a computer aided design system (CAD). We ensure that these designs comply with current European Standards and relevant Health & Safety Executive policies/law.

The equipment is independently sourced so that parts are available directly to the end user. Our design department is also ISO 9001 and Regulation 12 accredited.CAD Lift Car

Elite Elevators Installation Ltd has it's own 'in-house' design all CAD based with 'Lift Designer' and 'Jetcam' fabrication technology. This means we can provide design and build facilities for new lift installations, also major and minor modernisation works.

We are constantly involved with design and build contracts which helps to ensure an up-to-date knowledge of customers' specific requirements, and our design team attends ongoing external training in order to keep abreast of the latest developments.