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Lift CarElite Elevators Installations Ltd operates from its own production factory, based just 10 minutes from the City of London, England.

We use the latest hi-tech laser equipment, which enables us to provide precision made components for all our customers' requirements.

We manufacture 'in-house' standard lift cars, as well as stainless steel and panoramic wall climbers. We also manufacture fire certified stainless steel lift doors and architraves, glazed lift doors and architraves of all styles, designs and sizes of entrance. All these have a two hour fire rated certificates.


We manufacture and supply parts and equipment to other lift companies and lift component suppliers.

We also use up to the minute computer aided design/computer aided machinery (cad/cam) technology to produce our equipment. 

Once the design is agreed the program for the computer aided machinery is written and manufacturing can begin.

We can and will manufacture to suit your requirements. So please feel free to suggest your ideas.