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Elite Elevators History

Elite Elevators Limited was formed in 1987 as an independent family run business offering maintenance, modernization, new lift design, manufacture and installation.  

At that time the Lift & Elevator Industry within the United Kingdom was dominated and  controlled by several major / multi-national companies.

Elite Elevators Limited believed they could offer a more personal and realistically priced service in all areas.  

In 1998 as a result of increased business and growth, the company was divided into three divisions :–

Service, Installation and Manufacturing

With the Parent Company Elite Elevators Group Limited being the holding company in overall control of these divisions.  

The company has continued to grow throughout the years since Incorporation and as a result have had no option but to relocated to larger premises on no less 3 occasions, the current location being Dartford, Kent

At Dartford we house a variety of machines from Automatic Punch Press, 3 metre Press Brakes, Guillotines and forming options across a 15,000sq factory layout.

Our design team and factory utilise the latest software from CAD & Jet Cam alongside a wide range of structural and 3D design packages.

Over the years the Company has designed and built all styles of Lifts and Elevators, from simple Step lifts, Council Specified Lifts, Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts, Vehicle Lifts, Lorry Lifts, Refuse Lifts, Service Lifts, internal and external Scenic / Panoramic Lifts and Architectural lifts. 

We have in the past and continue to offer the Client, Main Contractors or their Architects / Design Teams the opportunity to visit our factory to view the process and progress of the works relating to their lift and have the willingness, abilities and the flexibility to amend design during production and manufacture.

Our capabilities are not restricted to just the lift design and manufacture, with our trained staff and machinery we have also undertaken the manufacture of lift shaft and support structures, and diverse products in the form of staircases, architectural steelwork for housing projects, industrial and ornamental gates, railings and stainless steel balustrades and cladding.

In 2012 The Directors transferred the ownership of Elite Elevators Service Division to The Otis Group as part of the Express Lift Alliance, however Elite Elevators Installations remains in private ownership, with a working relationship forged between Elite Elevators Installations Limited and The Otis Group.

Elite Elevators Installations Ltd remains a wholly and privately owned British business with the founding Directors in full time involvement in the daily running and operation of the company.